My 1st Fashion Show

My 1st Fashion Show

Iwas still in school in MUD Manila when I was given the opportunity to do makeup for a University’s fashion show event in 7th High last February 11, 2012. This event was under the ADMU’s MECO’s TRYST school group.

I haven’t graduated from my intense Diploma training but my teacher, Ms. Kris Bacani, had faith in me as her student to be able to deliver and be efficient as well…..

I needed to be quick was what I was thinking because in a fashion show you have to paint a whole lot of faces in a small amount of time and the work needs to be timely clean and perfect.

Well here are the faces that I did for this event. Let me know what you think, as my first fashion show event? :)

420435_343083182397281_1286600943_n           417455_343085002397099_956210597_n

Here are some behind the scene photos :)

I had fun during this event and what an experience it was :)

Thanks for the vote of confidence teach (Kris Bacani)!

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