Bayer Folicur Print Ad Shoot

Bayer Folicur Print Ad Shoot


I was fortunate to be the makeup artist for the Print Ad shoot for Bayer's Folicur brand last May 19, 2012:)

The shot was done in a farm in Tanauan, Batangas, really made the shoot life like :) Here's a glimpse from my work station :)

and here's the published photo :)

Want to know the people behind the scenes? Here they are :)

Client: Bayer CropScience

Brand: FolicurCasting: Marlaine Gatchallian of the Casting Studio

Photographer: Don Oco of Kuakoini Advertising

Hair and Make-up: Me, Hannah G. Roa

Agency: Sara Denise Mendoza/Dino Narciso of Design Info Company

Location: Tanauan, Battings

** Hopefully I get to add the shot of the crew behind the scenes :) **

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