Star Magic 2013 Catalogue Shoot part 1

Star Magic 2013 Catalogue Shoot part 1

have been doing the makeup of some actors and actresses with my other MUD (Make-up Designory) graduates for the Star Studio Catalog these past weeks and I just had to post these behind the scene photos cause of the hunks (ehem….. ehem) that I was privileged to make up. This shoot was last June 4, 2012. Funny thing was I did not know who these actors were since I don’t watch filipino shows/teleseryes :D  So I kept on asking my co-MUD graduate who they were :D Just hilarious! :)

The hunky ones were Nico and Guji! nice bone structure and they just looked manly with or without their make up on :)

One compliment I got was from Renz Fernandez who said, “Wow! I look young!” What a compliment. Making someone look young and good is what I do :) He’s such a sweetie :)

So these are just a few of the actors that I’ve done for the Catalog. Have done several more, will try and post them soon. Hope you guys enjoyed :)

Till next time! :)

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