My Best-friend’s: Sun, Surf & Nuptials

My Best-friend’s: Sun, Surf & Nuptials

As the Official Hair & Makeup Artist of the Groom and the Bride, as well as the Maid-of-honor, it is my privilege to post these about my best-friend’s wedding :)

My best-friend’s wedding was just a simple one; on the beach of Normi’s Beach Resort, San Juan, La Union. With the sand, sun, and surfboards all around who could have asked for more? Since it was an intimate wedding it was so magical. It was a blessing to have a sun filled day on the day of the wedding cause by the mountains the clouds were dark but by the sea it was a fantastic sunset. The ceremony was very solemn that everyone had experienced a magical moment.

Thank you Lord for the blessing you gave upon my two good friends :)

Click on the link below to see the photos taken by their good friend Michael Mariano

the glooming & happy Bride



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